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This website is under development and I will try to update it and
add more features 
to it as frequently as I can, but I got limited time
for this 
due to all the videos I'm editing / uploading and other stuff that I'm posting on my channels daily. 
If you want to support my work with a donation you can do so by using
PayPal or by sending XLM to my Lobster wallet.
I needed to upgrade to a paid plan in order to get my domain to connect
to this website properly, so any small donation is greatly appreciated so
I can cover future payments.
Thank You!

André Kyheröinen
donation to lobster


KyroTV's Channels
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KyroTV on Telegram

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KyroTV on Rumble

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KyroTV on Bitchute

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KyroTV on Odysee
(I'm not uploading videos here anymore starting October 1, 2023)

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KyroTV on VK

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KyroTV on Truth Social

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KyroTV on X (Twitter)

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KyroTV on Facebook

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KyroTV on Locals

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KyroTV on Wakeupfriends

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